forget about confidence

24 Jan

forget about confidenceWhat I really needed today was this article: ‘How to Create a Captivating Presentation’! Tomorrow I have a job interview and I was in the process of making my presentation when I came across this article.

The best one: Forget about confidence and focus on enthusiasm!

These tips were so helpful, I have made my own little card to keep with me at all times. I think these are not only helpfull for presentations but in lots of situations or as they put it;

These are the core skills of creative professionals.


Printing press in da house

23 Jan

printingpressWe have had this printing press for my work since a few years. My love has been using it quite a bit. We used it for a project on Into The Great Wide Open in 2011. And I had a few Artists in Residence that worked with it. For now, it found its place in our livingroom.

purfina 1957Yesterday I had an idea for a print and just got to it! This is the Purfina Gasstation in Arnhem from 1957. The architect is Sybold van Ravesteyn (more info in dutch here). It is still there, without the type. It is going to be a 3 layered print. And I want to make a series of it. There is an old gasstation like this in Den Bosch as well! I do need some patience though. But this is good, something that might take a week or more for it to be done. Waiting a day for it to dry so the next layer can be added. Not to mention finding the right colors and mixing them by hand. Then making sure the layers are printed right, with the right amount of ink and pressure from the press. I really need to get used to the time and work that this all takes compared to designing on the computer. But to be away from that thing, not being able to correct mistakes and just work with your hands and even the injuries that come with that, do me good!

testprint lino

Into the mountains

22 Jan

outbirst moutain outbirst moutain After a few months drawing mountains I went from working mostly with patterns, where you couldn’t really see the mountain, to this. I wanted the mountains to be more present in my drawings but I still want to keep the patterns and abstract like feel.

A huge step was using the mistakes I made. I started to cut parts out which made the drawings more layered.

outburst mountain

Fabric, paint & discodip popcorn

20 Jan

outbirst sewnWho would have known that a weekend in my old town would be so lovely. For some time it was pretty stressful for me to be there and after I moved away 6 months ago I haven’t really been there much.

Last time, when we got together in my house, was so much fun that Lien and I planned to spend a whole weekend making something again!

Paint, thread, brand new markers, zippers, fabric, lemonade, 6 lychies, blueberries and raspberries and confetti popcorn were some of the ingredients that made this weekend so lovely. I am proud of this bag I made!

Staying at home on saturday too? This is what you need:

Discodip popcorn

  1. pop the popcorn
  2. melt the white chocolate (au bain marie)
  3. drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn
  4. sprinkle with discodip!
  5. done!

Sister Magic

15 Jan

haimJust heard this song by Haim for the first time. Instand love!! What is it with me and sister-music..? First I thought how sweet it would be to have friends that you can start a band with. To me that seems like one of the hardest things to do. Then I read they were sisters. When I saw The Staves live at Into The Great Wide Open last year they brought me to tears, just like The Secret Sisters did two years ago. I guess I love seeing sisters be so in sync toger. Oh, and.. wiki tells me their music has been called “nu-folk–meets–nineties–R&B”… Yes, people-who-like-to-put-things-in-place, go find that new little box… I just really like it!

Sunshine in my kitchen

13 Jan


pinterest Food IdeasI haven’t been using my kitchen much the past year. But I have been collecting recipes on my pinterest. Spending time in the kitchen really got me through some tough times. Not the eating so much, but the making and sharing of baked goods is something I really enjoy doing. After being vegan for 12 years, I am trying to find a new way to deal with food. This has been a struggle for me.Knowing all the reasons why I should not eat some food haunts me often. But feeling free while eating and not being the only one that is vegan makes that I have been letting go of some of the strict rules that I have been living with. I do still want to be consious about my food, but those rules of being vegan made it way safer for me to make decisions concerning what to eat. Staying vegan has been a real hard for me now I don’t have any people around me that are vegan too because to me eating is about sharing and connecting to others. But when I stopped being vegan I also stopped baking and cooking.

But when I saw Sarah Britton from the food blog My New Roots talk at the TEDxAmsterdamWomen I really got excited again. Her positive way of approaching food really inspireed me to get back in touch with food.

The sun was shining in the kitchen, it looked so lovely. I took care of the dishes, which was all of a sudden not such a struggle to get through. I grabbed my Recipe Journal and decided to start with something quick and good. My 5 min. vegan pancakes!

5 min pancakes

Here is what you do:

1. Set out the ingredients
2. Set pan to medium heat
3. Combine dry ingredients
4. Add soy milk and vegetable oil to mixture
5. Mix until smooth
6. Spoon one pancake worth of mix in pan (I usually fit 3 pancakes at once)
7. Flip carefully when bubbles appear in middle
8. Enjoy!

Play & laugh

11 Jan

2013Last year I wrote my first To Do list. Wait… not my first To Do list… I have made thousands… My first New Year’s resolutions list. I really enjoyed doing that, just sit down for a moment and think of the things you want to work on, change or keep. I haven’t looked at the list till a few weeks ago. Turns out ost of the things on the list I achieved! For instance; make less lists, learn to chill the f*** out, face my fears, cross this river, create a save and peaceful home and read books.

Today I made a new one! ❤

One of the plans I added to my list today is joining the 100 days project. I got inspired after watching this TEDx talk by Emma Rogan. I signed up today and hopefully can start in April 2013.

Homemade acorn ink

8 Jan

acorn inkWow, I just came across this on Etsy! Those little acorns, who would have know they could be turned into ink!! There was a link to where he explains how to make your own ink. But if you don’t want to wait a week, or you don’t have a garage you can buy it on Etsy!

Patterns, yeay again!

8 Jan

outbirst sewnWhen moving to another city you need to re-design your friendships. When living in the same city you can get together quite spontaneous where now we have to find new ways. Which, I have to say is pretty special too. Lien and I spend a day together where we planned to make something… Something with fabric and stamps. Before we got started we first hit town to find some material to work with. That took hours!

Back home we both made a pouch and decorated them with stamps made from cork. Inspired I later made another one. Sewing is not my specialty yet, but I am learning! I even started lessons! So this can only get better!!

Like a match

7 Jan

Like a matchIn the meanwhile… I have moved to live with my love in his city, a new city to me! I love his, now our, house and I love the city! I will be sharing some pics of my new house and city later!

This collage I made inspired by us moving!