acorn lovin’

13 Dec

I have 4 acorns tattooed on my wrists. People seem to wonder why. To me, acorns refer to different things important to me.

I used to wear a little bracelet with a little acorn when I was little. My mom returned me the bracelet just recently but I have been wearing 4 on my wrists since I openend my shop/exhibitionspace SUBWALK in 2007.

Acorns are a symbol of good luck. I love the phrase: ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’!

Also the refer to squirrels which I lovelovelove! I loved them in our garden, back in the day. And I loved them when I lived in Minneapolis and they seemed like little friends that walked me to school each day…

The big wooden acorn is on the basketball court at Sonsbeek park, here in Arnhem. Across the field the wooden squirrel sits patiently… I feel very sorry for him, having to be so far from the acorn…

The little lucky acorn on top, I got from a sweet friend!


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