Old ladies disease

13 Dec


This week there was an article in the Volkskrant magazine about young people with a burn-out. It said that one in ten employees between 15 – 25 are extremely tired, stressed and have panic attacks… Although I am not in my twenties anymore (34), I still fall into the categorie young. It has (only) been 3 months since I was forced to stop working and I am still figuring out what this ‘burnout’ is. Ofcourse I had heard about it and could picture what it would be like and people even warned me about it, but dealing with this is more difficult than I thought.

Coming to a screeching halt after having worked continuously since I went to artschool and not being able to do the littlest things, like reading an email or get grocheries, feels crazy to me. I totally feel like an old lady. But there are good things to that too!

Not being able to do nothing, I need to find little things to do. Turns out, they are fun eventhough they are (old) lady like… So, I will be filling my blog with these things that will bring me peace and inspiration to make my *new* day to day life beautiful and balanced!


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