Drawing diary

15 Dec

One of the first things I needed to do was to get away from my dayplanner, but since I was pretty forgetfull I did needed an agenda of some sort to help me plan my week and keep it as free as possible.. So I started my search at this cute little shop of a friend of mine, called BL-ij. She only sells paper products from home and abroad. I had seen this little book at her shop and it seemed like it could be the one. But looking at it, it was too cute to write my appointments in… It was better than that! So, I left it behind…

A few weeks later, Bibi gave it to me as a gift!

I am totally happy with this little book, that is a special little book! It is a drawing diary : ) It originally comes from Korea, and since my Korean is a little rusty I can’t really seem to figure out how to start using it. The tekst in the diary is english, but the website is all Korean. So I have been looking at the pictures and keep looking at the empty pages to find a way for me to start using this ‘drawing diary’. So, enough thinking about it, just start! A drawing a day, keeps the doctor away…!


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