home lovin’

22 Dec

While waiting for my love to come home after being away for a few days, I came across this… It is very important to me who I share my home with. The biggest thing I had to deal with lately is making my home something good to share with me… Most of all I had been sharing my home with my work, which got to the point I moved out for a month to be able to calm down a bit. Before I was able to get back home, the house complete house was put upside down. Now it is slowly growing to my save place again and I can start to share it again. I love to see how not only me, but also my love, friends, family and animals are feeling relaxed in this sweet place I can call home again.

Tad Carpenter is an illustrator worth checking out! You can find an interview here and peek in his well styled home here. Lots of gorgeous stuff they have! If only we lived in the States…


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