Cheer up, dark days

3 Jan

To cheer up these dark winter days I love to drink lots of tea and bake good stuff (all vegan by the way).

  1. Peanut butter, banana and chocolate chunk cookies
    Lets start with todays treat. Inspired by a recipe that I saw on the program ‘Bills Food’, I made a vegan version. Instead of egg I used banana and a bit of coconut milk. Perfect!!
  2. Coconut Panna Cotta, Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding and Chocolate Clementines
    New years dessert was a great combination of 3 recipes. It was ment to be served separate but it worked great together!
  3. Gingerbread syrup
    Since a year or two I learned how to drink coffee. Caffeine is not doing me any good, but decaf works fine. With some soy and homemade syrup it’s the best. After the vanilla syrup I made a new kind that is just amazing!
  4. Chai tea with vanilla syrup, a new heart shaped tea holder & my favorite cup.
    I used the vanilla syrup in my favorite loose rooibos chai tea and that suits very well. The new heart shaped was so cute, I had to take that home! My favorite cup is designed by my dear friend Lenneke Wispelwey. I am so proud of her. You should take a look at the gorgeous work she makes!

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