Selfmade Keukenfrutsels

3 Jan

Two years ago I closed my shop/exhibition space. In the shop I sold various (street) art & design related books. It had been my biggest love ever since I started my study as a graphic designer. I don’t have to explain that this love will be never ending. A few weeks ago I had to move all my favorite books to my studio, since all is related to my work and I am forced to put some distance between us.

Bookstores are still my favorite shops, so every now & then I go in to discover new, inspiring, pretty and fun books. I can’t always afford to buy them, but a picture works fine too… I have this habit of making lists of books I would like to have, which turned into having my own (book)shop.

Last week it was this book that really stood out: ‘Selfmade Keukenfrutsels’ (translated as Kitchen Frills). It offers great ideas on how to create your own feel-good kitchen with easy, inspirational interior ideas and simple recipes. And since this is what keeps my mind off work these days…


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