Chocolate & nut greatness

12 Jan

What greatness this pie brought last week! I spend the afternoon with my friend Lien trying to figure out what to bake. You know how that goes… Hours in front of the computer going through all sorts of yummy recipes after having checked all the cookbooks. Than deciding on chocolate & nuts. Picked a recipe and while in the grocery finding out it was not really how you pictured it to be and than deciding on bringing different ingredients and needing to find a suitable new recipe to go with the new ingredients… Well, this worked out great! We found a chocolate cake recipe, decided to put in some apricots with the nuts and instead of covering the whole pie with chocolate we wanted to add caramel and chocolate stripes to the pie. The grocery didn’t have much interesting nuts we could add, so we went for the diy-nut-bag. Lien cracked the nuts with a wooden dough roller on the kitchen floor, which of course was hilarious.

I finally found an amazing recipe for caramel! I was looking for one that didn’t have butter and/or cream in it. This recipe is it! And it’s real easy, you aren’t allowed to touch it, just watch!

1/2 kilo sugar, 1 soupspoon vinegar, 3 dl water. (we we’re kind of confused by the soupspoon, but we just added a little more than a tablespoon but I think a tablespoon will work too). Combine sugar and vinegar in a small pan and add 1 dl of water. Heat it until it turns color without stirring!! Turn off the heat and carefully add 2 dl of water (sprinkle). Let boil for 2 more minutes and put in in an airtight jar. Enjoy on cake, ice cream or in coffee!


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