The simple life

20 Jan

The simple life is a changed mind grown out into a changed life. – Diana Lorence

Last week I was online following a trail of campervans and caravans and it brought me to this story that has been in my mind ever since. I saw this image of the cutest little house and was surprised to see how tiny it really was. But while watching the interview where Diana Lorence tells about her live of luxury in their 15 square feet home with no electricity I felt a deep longing for such a place.

The home looked so peaceful and in touch with true life and nature. No distractions of modern life makes life timeless. Thinking about it while watching, it sort of freaked me out thinking about all the things that you would have to let go off. I love to hear how Diana’s search for emptiness changed into the search of completeness. Silence, that might be the one thing that would be so amazing but oh-so frightening…

Kirsten Dirksen, who films stories on simple living & sustainability for *faircompanies like this one, uses the quote:

Perfection is received, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This I found so inspiring, that it got stuck in my head. I even read a little into who Antoine de Saint-Exupery was. Turns out he is the writer of the book ‘The Little Prince’ and a pilot who disappeared without a trace during a flight in 1944.

I have been thinking a lot about this. What would I be willing to get rid of and how far would you be willing and able to go?

In the Innermost house, the books are their link to the world, I love that because that is how I look at my book collection. It was a way to bring home the great artworks made on the other side of the world. I guess, when you have to bring that down to the most important books, what would I want them to tell me? A good thing to think about.

Diana Lorence writes: “To simplify does not mean to step down or accept less, it means to begin again. If there is a secret to designing for the simple life, it is to begin at the beginning, begin with the seed. To begin from the outside and work your way in will never end in real simplicity, it can only end in the death of the living tree.”

And: “I only know that we cannot live without design in our modern world, that no profession stands so near to daily life as that of the designer, and that to design for true simplicity means somehow to plant a seed at the heart of a life and encourage it to grow.” 

As a designer that needs to begin again, this story and these words hit home…


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