I follow rivers

20 Jan

This morning my love showed me this amazing cover of Lykki Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ by Belgian band Triggerfinger. How can you not fall in love with this. The original is lovely too and has a great video, I have to say. I love Lykke Li for I had her album on my album while I was roaming Berlin by myself, which made her music special to me. But the cover by Triggerfinger is slightly better, is my opinion. (Which is NOT the case with Birdy’s version of Bon Ivers Skinny Love, people!!) The song reminds me of what my friend Kim always tells me:

Don’t push the river…

It is a sentence that I think of often and one that Kim reminds me of every now and then, as she did last week. I do wish to follow rivers. In my head I picture the rivers I once stood along when I need to let go of something. I like to throw rocks in them when I really need to let go.

Important big rivers in my live: Deschutes River in Oregon, Ardèche in France, Mississippi River in the Minneapolis area, Rijn in Arnhem (I live about a stones throw away from this river. Lots of stones I have thrown in this one!).


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