Going upside down!

7 Jan

kermisThis new-year-new-month-new-monday is pretty overwhelming to me. A new fresh start; this is going the year it will all be all right. At least that is what I hope for. To lower the pressure I desided to fill this day with things I like. One thing I like is ‘sharing’. By organizing exhibitions I have been sharing primarily the work other people. The last year I have been encouraged to make things myself. This has been a huge step, but once I started, I have to say, I never new I could work in such a free way and feel so inspired! Sharing things of my own hand is raising some pressure again, but it might be a good step. It feels really naked to show my work, but I met someone last week who inspired me to do so. Plus my friend Evelien wrote on her to do list for this year: going upside down in a rollercoaster. I told her I would love to join her, since I love that stuff! I think this is a fresh new year in which bold steps like that need to be taken to change some things around here. So here we go!


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