Sunshine in my kitchen

13 Jan


pinterest Food IdeasI haven’t been using my kitchen much the past year. But I have been collecting recipes on my pinterest. Spending time in the kitchen really got me through some tough times. Not the eating so much, but the making and sharing of baked goods is something I really enjoy doing. After being vegan for 12 years, I am trying to find a new way to deal with food. This has been a struggle for me.Knowing all the reasons why I should not eat some food haunts me often. But feeling free while eating and not being the only one that is vegan makes that I have been letting go of some of the strict rules that I have been living with. I do still want to be consious about my food, but those rules of being vegan made it way safer for me to make decisions concerning what to eat. Staying vegan has been a real hard for me now I don’t have any people around me that are vegan too because to me eating is about sharing and connecting to others. But when I stopped being vegan I also stopped baking and cooking.

But when I saw Sarah Britton from the food blog My New Roots talk at the TEDxAmsterdamWomen I really got excited again. Her positive way of approaching food really inspireed me to get back in touch with food.

The sun was shining in the kitchen, it looked so lovely. I took care of the dishes, which was all of a sudden not such a struggle to get through. I grabbed my Recipe Journal and decided to start with something quick and good. My 5 min. vegan pancakes!

5 min pancakes

Here is what you do:

1. Set out the ingredients
2. Set pan to medium heat
3. Combine dry ingredients
4. Add soy milk and vegetable oil to mixture
5. Mix until smooth
6. Spoon one pancake worth of mix in pan (I usually fit 3 pancakes at once)
7. Flip carefully when bubbles appear in middle
8. Enjoy!


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