Printing press in da house

23 Jan

printingpressWe have had this printing press for my work since a few years. My love has been using it quite a bit. We used it for a project on Into The Great Wide Open in 2011. And I had a few Artists in Residence that worked with it. For now, it found its place in our livingroom.

purfina 1957Yesterday I had an idea for a print and just got to it! This is the Purfina Gasstation in Arnhem from 1957. The architect is Sybold van Ravesteyn (more info in dutch here). It is still there, without the type. It is going to be a 3 layered print. And I want to make a series of it. There is an old gasstation like this in Den Bosch as well! I do need some patience though. But this is good, something that might take a week or more for it to be done. Waiting a day for it to dry so the next layer can be added. Not to mention finding the right colors and mixing them by hand. Then making sure the layers are printed right, with the right amount of ink and pressure from the press. I really need to get used to the time and work that this all takes compared to designing on the computer. But to be away from that thing, not being able to correct mistakes and just work with your hands and even the injuries that come with that, do me good!

testprint lino


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