Today I decided to start this new blog. Through the years I started (and ended) a few. This blog will be all about my new journey. Since a few months I was forced to stop working, ’cause of my ‘burnout’. In this blog I will be sharing the things that make me happy, inspire me and help me get through the days. This way I will be building a fresh, beautiful & balanced life!

Little more background information

I am Roos Giethoorn, 34 years old and living in a lovely home with my two cats and a bunny in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I am a gallery owner, graphic designer and editorial writer. I met the love of my life about two years ago and we’re planning to share a home in the next year! I love acorns & squirrels, cats, robins, cupcakes & other sweet treats, handdrawn typography, travels & adventures and all the stuff you’ll be finding on this blog.

One of the blogs that is still up & running is Up Up. In that blog I share all the great places and adventures I had during my years of travelling and discovering the beauty of the ‘backyards’ of diverse cities.

All that inspiration turned into my life’s work: SUBWALK, a platform that started as a shop and exhibition space but is currently active in its new project space. I have been collecting and documenting the subcultures of the contemporary arts but also the great shops, galleries and café’s that I came across on my travels. And ofcourse the great people and artists I met and worked with who helpt me build this great platform that is my proud and joy.

After closing the shop, where I was sharing the artworks, books and products that came from these great artists, I needed a place to share my stories, adventures and discoveries with others.


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