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Homemade acorn ink

8 Jan

acorn inkWow, I just came across this on Etsy! Those little acorns, who would have know they could be turned into ink!! There was a link to where he explains how to make your own ink. But if you don’t want to wait a week, or you don’t have a garage you can buy it on Etsy!


Acorn lovin’ again

21 Dec

acorn lovin' againIt is starting to look like a true collection, so I think these deserve a catagory of their own! The amazing christmas acorn I got from Natas, I have never seen such a pretty one. I am so proud to have this!

The other one Penny gave to me. I think it is supposed to hold chocolates but I found a new purpose for it!

Acorn lovin’

9 Jan

On the advise of my other I bought this Acorn Cocoa. She said my grandmother used this often. I have been trying to find some information about it, but that is not very easy. It seems like it is not so much used these days. The package informs me that it is used ‘after illness, pregnancy and fatigue, or whenever the body requires an additional amplification. It is easily digestible and has a pleasant taste, for all ages. The light astringent characteristic of the Acorn Cocoa normalizes the digestive functions.’ It was used as an medicine for the latter around 1885, but was proved not to work in all cases.. I found a document on the net where they talk about cases in which this was used and how it worked.

Anyway, as an acorn lover I am enjoying this drink with my soy milk!

More acorn lovin’

21 Dec

I found two more acorn pictures : ) Left was last fall when I went to the forest with Evelien to find little nuts and acorns… A great day getting away from work! The one in the right is made by Luke Drozd, who stayed with us as an ‘artist in residence’. Great fun during a print workshop on the dutch island of Vlieland.

acorn lovin’

13 Dec

I have 4 acorns tattooed on my wrists. People seem to wonder why. To me, acorns refer to different things important to me.

I used to wear a little bracelet with a little acorn when I was little. My mom returned me the bracelet just recently but I have been wearing 4 on my wrists since I openend my shop/exhibitionspace SUBWALK in 2007.

Acorns are a symbol of good luck. I love the phrase: ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’!

Also the refer to squirrels which I lovelovelove! I loved them in our garden, back in the day. And I loved them when I lived in Minneapolis and they seemed like little friends that walked me to school each day…

The big wooden acorn is on the basketball court at Sonsbeek park, here in Arnhem. Across the field the wooden squirrel sits patiently… I feel very sorry for him, having to be so far from the acorn…

The little lucky acorn on top, I got from a sweet friend!