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Home is where you park it

30 Dec

I just found this blog, A Restless Transplant. It opens to this picture, that already warms my heart! While scrolling down I read: “I left my design job in New York In August and bought a VW van. Since then, I have put 13000 miles driving around the west, surfing and camping.” Well I got to say… This sounds exactly like my big dream! The pictures of the views left me breathless… And the pics of other vans are great too! These made me click the link to the website Van Life that shows all different kinds of vans! This is were ‘home is where you park it’ came from. I love that, I was raised hearing the sentence ‘home is where the heart is’ a lot.. This crazy van is amazing!

For some time I have been dreaming of having a van. Either to work from or, maybe better, to travel with. I have this habit of wanting to turn all that I like into my work. For a while I was fantasizing about buying a ice cream truck and use that as a gallery/studio that would travel around Europe, bringing with me different artists that would work on projects, murals and exhibitions. While searching for vans I had found this project called Ice Ice Baby. It is a bio ice cream truck in Germany that is found on several pop culture festivals where it programs music and film.

These days the dream about owning a van turned into this peaceful picture of travelling with my love, preferably through the States. A while ago I found a van that fits my fantasy like a glove! You can find more pictures at junkaholic.

And then, a possibility too… still dreaming here… is having a food truck with my love! In Holland you hardly see them as you do in the states… Sad, very sad… A while ago I gave my love this book: Food Trucks. I was just looking for a picture that would work, since my camera is not here, when I found this blog called Piewacket which has great posts with gorgeous pictures of different food trucks!! One of which is a pink truck with cupcakes! Get out!! How perfect is that?! Hans and I have been baking a lot together. Hans loves to cook! I am not so great in cooking, but I love to bake cupcakes, cookies, pies and other sweets. I also love to make drinks! Us working together on a food truck sounds great to me!! Don’t wake me…