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forget about confidence

24 Jan

forget about confidenceWhat I really needed today was this article: ‘How to Create a Captivating Presentation’! Tomorrow I have a job interview and I was in the process of making my presentation when I came across this article.

The best one: Forget about confidence and focus on enthusiasm!

These tips were so helpful, I have made my own little card to keep with me at all times. I think these are not only helpfull for presentations but in lots of situations or as they put it;

These are the core skills of creative professionals.


Like that

5 Jan

I was having a difficult start today. Another day at home and still not really able to grasp what is going on exactly, and maybe worse, not knowing what to do about it… So I tried to find some information on the web.

I came across this dutch documentary on Quarterlife crisis called “All We Ever Wanted”. It follows four young, creative, ambitious people who live a shiny, happy life, so it seems.

2010. The sky’s the limit. Anyone can be a star and beautiful and popular. So, why aren’t you? Our dreams are big, wild and infinite. In an environment of ‘more is better’, ‘enough’ no longer seems to exist.

Gradually it becomes apparent what it takes to keep all the balls in the air. What do they demand of themselves? How did they get to that standard? They do not want just too much? Slowly their doubts and fears come to light. The film offers a disturbing look behind the scenes, the greater the illusion of success the more bitter the lonely hours at home are.

The stories are very recognizable. Their backgrounds, their dreams, their fears, their panic, their insecurities… and so forth… Not really found a way to deal with this, but hey… what do you expect… Right, ‘too much’…

There was a link posted to one of the songs in the documentary which I loved.

Old ladies disease

13 Dec


This week there was an article in the Volkskrant magazine about young people with a burn-out. It said that one in ten employees between 15 – 25 are extremely tired, stressed and have panic attacks… Although I am not in my twenties anymore (34), I still fall into the categorie young. It has (only) been 3 months since I was forced to stop working and I am still figuring out what this ‘burnout’ is. Ofcourse I had heard about it and could picture what it would be like and people even warned me about it, but dealing with this is more difficult than I thought.

Coming to a screeching halt after having worked continuously since I went to artschool and not being able to do the littlest things, like reading an email or get grocheries, feels crazy to me. I totally feel like an old lady. But there are good things to that too!

Not being able to do nothing, I need to find little things to do. Turns out, they are fun eventhough they are (old) lady like… So, I will be filling my blog with these things that will bring me peace and inspiration to make my *new* day to day life beautiful and balanced!