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6 Jan

These Retro inspired prints are by Jan Skácelík from the Czech Republic and you can find them on etsy. Jan is inspired by ‘mid century modern design’. This made me look into the names mentioned as inspiration. I had never heard of the name Catherineholm, but when I saw it I knew. I can’t really remember where and if I have ever seen it in real life, but it is so typical and it feels really familiar.

Jan has made a series of prints bringing an ode to these enamel kitchenware.

Grete Prytz Kittelsen is the queen bee of Norwegian design in the Scandinavian Design movement. Her designs were often inspired by American art, characterized by clear, plain colors and simple shapes. She completed several studies and received several awards and honors in the 1950s. What a strong woman this must have been, in that period of time.. The designs are so timeless, or is this a case of if-you-wait-long-enough… Another name that was referred to was Stig Lindberg. “Stig Lindberg´s artistic activities illustrate a highly successful collaboration between artist and industry. Collaboration between artists and manufacturers was something that developed strongly during the 20th century and that is now studied – and criticized from several aspects.” If the illustration was his I am not sure. In the article from the National Museum they say he collaborated with textile designer Astrid Sampe. Another name worth checking out!