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New Girl

20 Dec

In times like these good series on tv are very welcome. Right now I am watching the 3rd episode of New Girl. It is making me love tuesday nights. Being home a lot these days makes me watch a lot of movies and explore tv and read books more. Tv is one of the things I had no time for or, when I did, it was this horrible thing that never showed something good or mainly commercials.

New Girl is a series that makes me feel good and even laugh out loud..!


Fun and Mental is Fundamental

20 Dec

I fell in love with this movie minutes after it started! I am surprised I haven’t heard of it before, I see now it was released in 2007. I also read it got bad critisism. The story is maybe a little thin, but I loved it. It was a light, inspiring and colorful movie that takes you to a fun, playfull and imaginairy world. Just right when you have a heavy and troubled mind and perfect for when you got stuck and feel insecure about the path you need to travel in life ; )

And a fun little thing: in the translation they talked about ‘Arnhemse Meisjes’, which translates to Arnhem Girls, the name for a tradional local cookie. I don’t think it would be the thing they actually talked about, but hey… In this case it is ok!