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4 Dec

I have been away for a while. Some hard work needed to be done to get me up & running again. No, not running-running. My little motor that had been working too hard for too long needed to be examined carefully to find the bug that was ‘causing it to crash. So the running part means no more than get me moving again. Running-running is now something of the past! There is no need to be running no more because:


A lot has happened in the past months since I wrote. But the biggest thing is that my two cats & I moved to a new city to live with my love! Right now I am taking a new glance at the world and figuring out what will be my new path. While doing that I am coming across a lot of inspirering things that I would like to share again!

Thanks sweet Judith for pushing me to pick this blog up again!




Chill the f*** out…

29 Dec

To be passionately curious is one of those things that I really see as one of my talents. While tracing back where I found this text I found a great site called I can read (I wasn’t looking for it but little surprises like these are fun)! It has more of these inspiring texts (I got to 15 and there are 527 more to go…)! Some I liked and really need to keep in mind are:


21 Dec

Another picture from my digital stack of images… I love japanese/chinese or maybe better said oriental illustrations and stories. This one I like so much cause it brings together the traditional and the contemporary Japanese culture. I tried to trace back the illustrator, but unfortunately I can’t…


20 Dec

I have this habit of saving stuff I find pretty, interesting, inspiring, fun, romantic or… well, any reason maybe. This was one of the reasons I am working on an extreme home makeover, you can imagine. This habit is also in action every time I visit this thing called the internet. The good thing about collecting stuff through internet is that you don’t have to stack it all in your home. I created a map on my computer called **inspiration where I throw pictures found on the internet. I have no clue of where most of them come from, cause it is just a big pile of images. This is one I picked from the pile…

I will be sharing more of these random images as well as a selection from the 1666 links I collected on my Delicious over the years…!