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Going upside down!

7 Jan

kermisThis new-year-new-month-new-monday is pretty overwhelming to me. A new fresh start; this is going the year it will all be all right. At least that is what I hope for. To lower the pressure I desided to fill this day with things I like. One thing I like is ‘sharing’. By organizing exhibitions I have been sharing primarily the work other people. The last year I have been encouraged to make things myself. This has been a huge step, but once I started, I have to say, I never new I could work in such a free way and feel so inspired! Sharing things of my own hand is raising some pressure again, but it might be a good step. It feels really naked to show my work, but I met someone last week who inspired me to do so. Plus my friend Evelien wrote on her to do list for this year: going upside down in a rollercoaster. I told her I would love to join her, since I love that stuff! I think this is a fresh new year in which bold steps like that need to be taken to change some things around here. So here we go!


the best things come in wrappers of their own

12 Jan

Today I was told to eat more fruit. Colored fruit, that’ll make you feel happy! And vegetables too. Right, this is nothing new… But still it was good to hear. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of those little things. Happy colored fruit & veggies it is!

The illustrations of ‘Mr. Pear and friends’ by Yeoh Gh make me smile already! Love them… Exactly the feeling I was going for! He even gives some good advice at times. 1. Enjoy sunbaths 2. Mr. Pear loves cooking 3. and 4. speak for themselves ; )

I love this American¬†’80s commercial teaching kids that “the best things come in wrappers of their own’! That is just it. You know fruit is important ever since you were a kid. As a vegan I of course have been eating much fruit and vegetables, but when winter comes the fruit gets kind of out of my sight. Bringing color back in my life by eating colored food sounds really sweet…! I started baking to bring more fun in eating food. Being so conscious with food for 12 years, kind of made me stressful around food.¬†I am looking forward to finding some great fruit related recipes!