cute tea

7 Jan

Kromland Farm Rooibos with VanillaI am a sucker for nice package designs! This one is from Kromland Farm, a South African Farm specialised in  Rooibos. It is designed by Pearlfisher designer Natalie Chung and illustrator Jean Jullien.

van der PiggeFinding this tea was an experience on itself. While visiting Haarlem (the Netherlands), we were looking for something specific and were send to the oldest drugstore in the city: Van der Pigge. It felt like we stepped back in time!


Lino, yeay!

7 Jan

outburst linoCreative therapie is good for something too… Although I was not allowed to make any projects of my own, I did have the chance to try out new stuff and work without the high standards I wanted me to meet. On the left is my selfportait I made with lino. It was the first time since I was 8 or so. I had all the stuff needed at my studio for others to work with, including a printing press! So at home I started to cut some mountains. I loved working with my hands and with the press. I just need some more patience to actually continue working with this technique. Maybe tomorrow…

Patterns, yeay!

7 Jan

outburst patternsOn a night, while listening to some nice music, I started drawing patterns. I couldn’t stop for some time. I loved working on blanc postcards. For a while I experimented with that and after a while the mountains started to appear in this more and more. At first it was kind of abstract but at some point they became more visible. I added shapes of water, sun, snow and clouds. From the beginning I used tape in my drawings which I have been fascinated with since I was in art school but never worked with it much myself. So this time I needed to!

Let’s meet under the white mountains

7 Jan

outbirst moutainsThe first serious thing that I desided to start working with was the idea of moutains. Mountains mean a lot to me in different ways, but when I started I had this in mind: When I met my love, I not only fell in love with him, but also with his big white bed. I once said it felt like we were laying under huge white mountains. Now whenever my love and I spend the night  apart, we say that in our dreams we meet each other under the white mountains. These are the first mountains I made.


7 Jan

crochet loveAmbitious, that is me. When I started to teach myself how to crochet last year, I began with a pretty difficult stitch. This appeared to be just the one that was needed for this project.

I bought a beautiful thick wool. Not knowing that a small change like that has consequences. This makes that I can’t really follow the rows and counts of the pattern. But hé, I’ll figure it out I guess.

This will turn out to be a 2m x 2m blanket, and hopefully will be done someday this year! Be warned… It is a bigbig project!

(oh.. the one on the right, that is what it is should look like in the far future, but a little different..)

Going upside down!

7 Jan

kermisThis new-year-new-month-new-monday is pretty overwhelming to me. A new fresh start; this is going the year it will all be all right. At least that is what I hope for. To lower the pressure I desided to fill this day with things I like. One thing I like is ‘sharing’. By organizing exhibitions I have been sharing primarily the work other people. The last year I have been encouraged to make things myself. This has been a huge step, but once I started, I have to say, I never new I could work in such a free way and feel so inspired! Sharing things of my own hand is raising some pressure again, but it might be a good step. It feels really naked to show my work, but I met someone last week who inspired me to do so. Plus my friend Evelien wrote on her to do list for this year: going upside down in a rollercoaster. I told her I would love to join her, since I love that stuff! I think this is a fresh new year in which bold steps like that need to be taken to change some things around here. So here we go!



21 Dec


While in therapy I had a drawing diary in which I made a drawing every day. “It doesn’t have to be so complicated” is one of my favorites. The paper used is an old sewing pattern from my grandma.

Acorn lovin’ again

21 Dec

acorn lovin' againIt is starting to look like a true collection, so I think these deserve a catagory of their own! The amazing christmas acorn I got from Natas, I have never seen such a pretty one. I am so proud to have this!

The other one Penny gave to me. I think it is supposed to hold chocolates but I found a new purpose for it!

mug shot

4 Dec


These gifts I made last month. For each friend I found a text that I thought fitted them, like ‘cute, but devillish inside’. With porcelain markers I customized the blank mugs. I love these markers! You don’t have to use the oven anymore. After 3 days it is dishwasher safe!


4 Dec

I have been away for a while. Some hard work needed to be done to get me up & running again. No, not running-running. My little motor that had been working too hard for too long needed to be examined carefully to find the bug that was ‘causing it to crash. So the running part means no more than get me moving again. Running-running is now something of the past! There is no need to be running no more because:


A lot has happened in the past months since I wrote. But the biggest thing is that my two cats & I moved to a new city to live with my love! Right now I am taking a new glance at the world and figuring out what will be my new path. While doing that I am coming across a lot of inspirering things that I would like to share again!

Thanks sweet Judith for pushing me to pick this blog up again!